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MINDY DAY- (Min-dee Day)

A perfect day consisting of sunshine, ocean breeze, laughter and pure joy. 

Cameryn's Mindy Day

"It's a very mindy day, Mama!"


This picture was taken in Cameryn's last months of life.   At her favourite beach, with her face to the sun, Cameryn opened her arms wide to embrace all the day had to offer - even the wind whipping through her like life itself.  

This is a portrait of joy.

Despite her pain and challenges, Cameryn truly lived in the moment.

May we all experience  "Mindy Days."

mindy day candle.jpg

The "Mindy Day" candle is a hand crafted, four ounce, soy wax candle and it has the scent of the perfect "Mindy Day."  Ocean breeze, sun and salt.  To order yours, click the link below.  Candles are $20 each and include free delivery in Campbell River. Please allow up to ten days for delivery. All profits are donated to Cameryn's Cause. For shipping outside of Campbell River, please contact us.

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